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Welcome to Flowingcreek! What will you find here? Services – A listing of the services offered by Flowingcreek, LLC. Products – Links to products designed by Flowingcreek, LLC. Links include the Flowingcreek Store on Zazzle, with customizable items and products on Amazon. Blog – Musings, rants and general babble about communication, creativity, technology, gaming and a little of everything. Keep […]

Distracted: Pay Attention To Your YouTube Video Background

I was doing some very important internet marketing research (translation: screwing around on the internet…) and I stumbled on this YouTube video about monetizing your YouTube videos. Now, the content is great for this video. I have no issues with it. In fact, it’s a longer video and very interesting. I didn’t watch it to […]

Refreshing My Online Presence – Chapter 2 – Day 2

I’ve been very productive in the last 24 hours. It’s been very refreshing and an unexpected stroll down memory lane. Most notable is that while I’ve done huge things in the last 10 years, I’m still working on the same goals. This time I’m more efficient. And wiser. After yesterday’s post, I continued to refresh […]