Distracted: Pay Attention To Your YouTube Video Background

I was doing some very important internet marketing research (translation: screwing around on the internet…) and I stumbled on this YouTube video about monetizing your YouTube videos.

Now, the content is great for this video. I have no issues with it. In fact, it’s a longer video and very interesting. I didn’t watch it to the end tonight, but I did save it for later.

The point is, at some point in the video, I got super distracted and purposely turned it off. Why? Because I noticed something in the background.

Look at the window.

Do you see it?

That face there? That weird, creepy, golden face? Staring at you…

Yeah. It creeped me out.

So, my advice to everyone out there is, try not to have distracting stuff in your background, or people won’t finish watching your video. Or they will forever refer to it as the Creepy Golden Face Video, and not remember why you posted it in the first place. @Think Media – Who is that???

With that said, I felt like making one of those weird reaction videos where you watch me get freaked out by the face and I point to it and stuff…. but it’s late. I’d have to get dressed again. Nope.

But seriously. This guy has a very serious video and does a good job with sound, video quality, illustrations, everything. Except the window. The background is important.

That is my wisdom of the day.

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