July 2011 Update – What I am Doing this Summer?

So, I thought I’d post an update about what I’ve been up to for the last month or so.

Summer semester started at the end of May. I took 3 online classes, and they are relatively easy, compared to last semester. However, it has been an odd semester, because none of the online classes uses the online technology well. All three have positives and negatives. Most of the issues stem from the instructors’ lack of organized use of the system. In any case, I’ve managed to deal with it, and they are not the worst 3 online courses I have ever taken. Classes will be over next week.

I still have not figured out what I want to be when I grow up, but at least I am figuring out what I don’t want to do. I am still volunteering at the ER and learning a lot of things. The pendulum swings from Nurse Practitioner to Physician Assistant and back, on a daily basis. Ultimately, I think I figured out that the best fit for me would be to go to Medical School, but I just don’t see that happening. So, today’s vote goes to PA. I am not thrilled about the prospect of re-taking all of my Chemistry, though.

I am on a writing hiatus. I still do not enjoy writing the way I think I should, so I decided to stop torturing myself. Plus, I still have issues with the feedback from editors. Not all of my issues are due to bad editing. I just don’t like the process and I haven’t gotten used to dealing with rewrite requests. So, for the time being, and while I am very busy doing other things, I am going to stop writing for Demand Studios.

Graphic Design
Oddly enough, my Zazzle store is flourishing, even though I have not put much into it lately (over the past year). I am steadily getting sales every month on old products. The strangest products (in my opinion) have steady sales. Since I enjoy graphic design and it is a great creative outlet, I’m focusing my efforts in this area. My new goal is to make at least $100 per month. We’ll see how long that takes. I have managed to make $100 this year, and I was recently awarded ProSeller status. That’s motivating!

Web Projects
I have not posted as much as I want to on any of my sites. But, maybe I can change that. I did sell a domain I was developing, and that was a bonus. I am still entertaining the idea of merging two of the three blogs, just for ease of maintenance.

TechnologyThings are great in the realm of technology. I still love my Droid X! I also love my Roku box. In fact, I could not live without it. It is great for monitoring the TV that my toddler watches. I currently have no computer issues. I still haven’t found time to read using my Kindle, but I do like it. I am considering purchasing a pen tablet and a big monitor or TV to aid in my Graphics work.

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