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Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched a few movies (thanks to some unbearable heat outside…). Some were good, others were just OK and some are still undecided. None of them were particularly bad. Thank goodness for the Roku box and the recent Neflix upgrade. I can now browse through the entire library of movies available for streaming, instead of being limited to those on my queue. While you would think that over 100 movies would be enough, I got bored with the list I created so long ago. It was nice to be able to browse and watch movies that had just recently come available.

District 9

When I saw the previews for District 9 when it first came out, I knew I needed to see it. Then I either read an article or heard it on NPR. It was about how this film was made with limited funds and had such a powerful social message. That definitely peaked my interest – a sci-fi movie that was low budget and being hailed for it’s message. I finally watched it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a good amount of action and underdog seemingly evil characters to root for. There was enough technology to keep me interested, too. I was disappointed that there was not more background story about the aliens. I also did not understand why they were stuck there, since they seemed able to overpower the humans. But, that was not the main point of the movie. In the end, I was satisfied with the ending and curious if a sequel was in the making. I know I’d watch it. I was left wondering if the movie was based on a book. I’m sure the book would have more detail about the aliens and the South African people involved with them. Overall, I can’t decide if this movie was excellent or just good. I liked it, but it left me with lingering thoughts. I suppose that was the point.


Since I was watching my toddler, and it was too hot to hang outside, I decided to watch a kid-friendly movie this past weekend. I have been itching to watch G-Force because I’m a big fan of guinea pigs. I had many as a child and even a few in college and beyond. I can’t wait for my son to get old enough to have one of his own. They are so cute! Anyway, the movie was better than I expected. I am not a huge fan of live action talking animal movies. They usually get kinda boring after about 30 minutes. But, I was unaware of the all-star cast of this movie. Stars like Tracy Morgan really made it funny. Plus, as I mentioned, guinea pigs are cute. There is something hilarious about them doing human things. Those big fat behinds of theirs jiggle in a goofy way. So, it met my expectations of keeping me awake and occupied for over an hour. My son even watched some of it and found it kinda funny. He’s really into mice right now (especially a certain very famous one), so he decided they were mice and very interesting.


My movie watching wouldn’t be complete without a thriller or horror movie. I browsed and found Spartan, with Val Kilmer. It’s about the secret service and a kidnapped girl who is sold into sex slavery. At least that’s what the synopsis said. It’s mostly about the special agent on the case. The movie moved along and had a good balance of crime solving, action and dialogue. Plus, I like Val Kilmer, so I was happy to see what he’s been up to lately. Spy stories intrigue me almost as much as biological thrillers and medical dramas, so I was happy. The baby was out at Grandma’s and the husband was sleeping, so I got to enjoy my movie in peace.

So, that’s it for recent movies. The reviews are not the typical variety that describe the movie and critique it’s every facet. I’m no movie buff. I just thought I’d start blogging about what I watch, so I can keep track of it and laugh about it later. Actually, you’re lucky I remembered the titles and some actors. In another week, the story will go like this:

I watched 3 movies recently. One was sci-fi, one was a kids movie and one was a spy movie. They were all good. I don’t know who was in them or what they were called. I just know that they are filed under “Good”.

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