Writing for Demand Studios

It’s been quiet on this blog lately. That’s because I’ve been busy writing for Demand Studios. After all of my complaining about my writing slumps and the love-hate relationship I have with writing, I found another place to write.

For those who don’t know, Demand Studios is an freelance writing website. It’s like Textbroker, but with more structure and rules. The content created there is published on such sites as eHow, LiveStrong, GardenGuides, Trails and Answerbag, among others. When you start out, you can choose up to 3 articles to write at a time. Once the first 3 are approved, your limit moves to 10 articles. There are several well defined article formats to choose from, with varying pay levels. There are $3 tips and $15 How To articles. Each format has an editorial guide and there is a general editorial guide. Demand Studios prefers the AP Style overall. Once an article is written, it is put through a plagiarism filter and reviewed by an editor. The editor can request a rewrite or approve the article. Once approved, you get paid on the next payday. Demand Studios pays twice per week. So far, pay has been on time and reliable.

Some folks don’t like Demand Studios because they say it’s a content farm. Others feel that the application process and editorial process is too rigorous. I didn’t find it difficult to be accepted. In fact I have qualified to write for GardenGuides.com. I don’t really have an issue with the editorial process, except that I get irritated with rewrites. Luckily I don’t get them often. I just don’t like them because they slow my writing process and sometimes I disagree with the editor’s comments.

It serves my purposes for now. I wanted to broaden the scope of my writing, get a wider variety of topics and get paid more. I have accomplished all three. Plus, I mainly write $15 articles. I like the structure. Each article is submitted in a web form, which guides you as you go along. I also like the rules. Having firm rules gives me guidelines and I can better determine if I feel like choosing a title or not. In addition, there is no penalty for unclaiming an article or abandoning a rewrite.

So far, I am working on increasing the number of articles I submit per pay period. In the beginning, I was lucky to submit two articles. They seemed to take at least an hour each to write. Now I do a better job of choosing titles that are easily writable. I am down to a half hour per article and up to submitting 1 to 2 articles per day. It’s starting to pay off.

The best part about writing for Demand Studios is that I am learning about what life would be like as a full time writer. With the number of articles I am writing these days, I actually feel like a writer. Sure, I have days (like today) where I don’t feel like writing articles, but I am going with the flow. Right now, I’ll be content to get up to 3 articles submitted per day and continue to pay off my debts.

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