Sunday Afternoon Browsing – Movies At Amazon

Today I had planned to write a post about the movie I just watched, Food, Inc. Instead, I thought it might be more interesting to write about some features of Amazon that I had never noticed before. I was checking to see if the movie was available through video on demand, and I noticed some things on the page.

Some DVDs that you buy from Amazon give you the Amazon Video on Demand access for free. It’s called Disc+ On Demand. That’s a nice service. Just in case you want to watch it right that second (before the DVD gets to you maybe) or away from your DVD player, you can access it.

Also, while I was looking down the page, I stumbled on Amazon’s Disc Trade-in system. I was unaware that you could trade-in your DVDs or Blu-ray discs and get an Amazon Gift card and extra credit for the Amazon Blu-ray Store. That’s cool, too. I have not yet ventured into the world of Blu-ray, but I have been wondering how that transition was happening. It seems that the folks who are early adopters of Blu-ray would also have huge DVD collections. Most likely, they would want to see some of those movies in Blu-ray. It’s nice that they can do this cost effectively.

Another thing I noticed is that these Blu-ray discs often come in a combo disc with Blu-ray on one side and DVD on the other side. That’s cool. I had seen ads for this, but didn’t understand how it worked. I thought maybe there were two discs in the box. Glad we are getting better at making these transitions. I still have memories of Betamax, VHS and Laserdiscs.

I’m not sure when I’ll venture into the world of Blu-ray, but I’m sure it will be a while. First I need one of those fancy new flat 42-inch HD TVs.

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