Netflix Streams Movies to Your TV with the Wii

I just read on the Netflix website, that this spring you will be able to stream movies to your TV using the Wii. So for those of you contemplating getting a Roku box, you might want to wait, and just use your Wii. I don’t have a Wii (yet), but maybe one day I’ll get one.

Apparently, you only need the free CD that Netflix provides to install some software on your Wii. No other equipment is required. You do need high speed internet and a Netflix subscription.

I did read something interesting recently about how these streaming devices work with your Netflix subscription. You can watch streaming movies on up to 6 different devices, but not simultaneously unless you have enough DVDs out at a time on your plan. For every DVD out at a time in your plan, you can watch one instant movie simultaneously. That means, if you have two streaming devices, you can only watch two streaming movies at the same time if you have a two at a time DVD plan.

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