Google Alerts: A Good Tool for Bloggers

I stumbled on a nice tool today that will help me with my blogging research, among other things. It’s Google Alerts, and it is a service that will email you links to whatever keyword you put in. You can get links to news, blogs, the web or whatever combination you want.
I’m planning to use it to help me speed up my research for my site, Pug Market (UPDATE: This site no longer exists). Since the main theme of the site is to highlight products for pugs and people who love pugs, I am frequently doing searches for pug-related items. I set up a Google Alert for the word pug, and the results are delivered right to my inbox.

Now I’m not sure if these are the top results or just a random mix, but it sure mixed things up for me. In one day I have 3 items to check out and write about. That’s nice. It’s always better to have information delivered to you automatically than to have to search high and low for it.

I also set up an alert for the company I work for. We are going through some difficult times, related directly to the new health care bill. So, I want to keep up with the news and read the articles before I have to read about it in a corporate memo a few days later. It’s handy.

I also set up an alert for my home town. Maybe I’ll find out something interesting that is going on. You never know. Since it’s a college town, I expect a variety of topics to appear on that list.

I’m sure I’ll find other keywords to check for things that I like to research, but sometimes lack the time or energy to do manually. We’ll see. I highly urge you to check it out if there are things like news items you want to follow, products you need to find or events you need to keep up with.

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