October 2009 Update

The goal for this month was to apply the $5 bucks a day method to my existing website marketing projects. I am using this method to organize my internet marketing tasks. This is helping me to create some focus for the limited hours I have to devote to my projects. I basically spent one week focusing on article writing, another week on blogging and finding affiliate links, a third week on designing the logo and the fourth week joining forums.

In September, I did a whole lot of research on things I could do to inexpensively start making money using internet marketing. Near the end of the month, I began to focus on adding content to my sites and writing articles to link to my sites. October’s focus was to continue adding content to my sites (for example, make it a regular habit to write blog posts and articles). In addition, I had a goal of increasing traffic to Pug Market (UPDATE: site is no longer in existence). To do this, I wrote articles in various places and had social networking accounts set up. I had my brother do this for me, because he likes doing that.

During the social networking setup, I also created a logo for the site. It’s come in handy, because I use it at some of the article sites and for anything else that I use to create incoming links, like forums.

So, what were the results? I increased my traffic to Pug Market by almost 100%. You could argue that this was not difficult to do, because I didn’t have much traffic to begin with. But, I feel pretty successful. At least I saw results from my efforts. I spent many hours writing and working on the logo. Not an excessive amount, but I probably spent an average of at least 2 hours a day on the site.

Other than the Pug Market stuff, I did write a few postings for this site and for Nononsense Mom (UPDATE: not my site anymore). I wrote a couple of eHow articles and I got my first article accepted at eZine articles. I joined HubPages and wrote my first Hub about Internet Marketing. Finally, I did quite a bit of writing for Textbroker. I’m getting bored with Textbroker, though. It’s not that I don’t like the writing or like getting paid. I just get irritated when I realize I’m writing for someone else’s internet marketing projects. I should use that energy to write for my own. Ahhh… the conflict between guaranteed money and long-term money potential…

Now that things are settling down, all I have to do is concentrate on adding content and participating in forums and social networking. I can probably cut my time working on the site in half. That will leave me with more time to devote to Flowing Creek or other projects.

When I started writing this post, I was researching the common sizes for banners used in internet marketing campaigns. It seems that a logo is not enough. Now I need some banners. I might as well make them the right size! That’s probably a good topic for an article or blog posting.

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