Getting MP3s to Play in my Escape

I have a 2004 Ford Escape XLT. I love it, by the way, but that’s not what this post is about.

Now that I have a huge collection of MP3’s on my computer, PDA, iPod and USB key, it would be nice if I could listen to this music in my car. Unfortunately, this model car does not have a jack to connect any of these devices. Not only that, I can’t even play MP3 CDs in my car.

So, last year I decided I’d add a new stereo to my wish list. I did some research and I found a stereo that would accept all of my devices. The only thing is that I don’t want to pay the hefty pricetag for it.

The other day I stumbled on this device – Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter WMA/MP3 Player for SD Card, USB Stick, iPhone, iPod, Zune

I think this is the answer to my problems. It’s less than $100 and it even works as a bluetooth speaker phone. I wonder how well it works.

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