Me vs. my Omnia

So, it's now been almost 4 months that I have had this Samsung Omnia.
I am throwing in the towel.
While I love the device for a lot of reasons, I cannot stand to have my phone lock up because of problems with Windows or the non-phone functionality.
I need to make a call when I need to make a call.
In the past week it has locked up more than once when I went to make a call or answer a call. I have also had to do a hard reset when I happened to wake up early and I wanted to turn off the alarm clock.
It's not worth the trouble.
So, I'm taking the phone offline. I will be keeping my Omnia to use as a PDA. Everything else is ok about it, as long as I'm not urgently trying to use the phone. So now what was like an iPhone has become like an iPod Touch. Funny.
I will go back to using a phone that is just a phone, if there is such a thing these days.

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