Website Going Down

The website will be going down for a little bit. I don't know exactly when or for how long, but I'm changing my hosting (as mentioned in my previous post) and the site may be down while things switch over.

This is pretty interesting. We'll see how it goes. Not sure if the blog conversion will happen immediately, but it just might. I have some serious decisions to make. For one thing, I need to revamp my portfolio and including writing samples and coding samples. I am pretty sure that someone must have a nice free service to make such a portfolio. I could just link to it from my site.

Stay tuned. I have to do this for 4 websites… But I'm feeling pretty motivated.

Ok. Enough about this. I'm not supposed to blog about how my website is down or how I'm not blogging. But, to me it still counts as writing. Writing is writing and that's the point right now. I need to post regularly, even if it's not about much.

2 thoughts on “Website Going Down

  1. Carla

    The website is still down. In fact who knows when it will be up. I may just convert this blog to my main website. ugh…

    The good news is that I did get all the other domains migrated.

  2. Carla

    The main website is now this blog. Excellent. Sorry for those who have linked here… I will fix it everywhere else at some point.

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