Website Conversion

Over the weekend I got the bright idea to migrate all of my websites over to blogger. I'm doing this because it will allow me to drop my ISP and the bill for website hosting. I have a number of places I can host my site that are free or included with other services, so why pay a monthly fee?

The biggest advantage of doing this is website maintenance. It will be much easier to maintain the content of the website using a blog.

Anyway, I chose Blogger because I'm comfortable with it. I may branch out and make one WordPress site, one Blogger site and do something Joomla. I need to keep up with technology and keep my skills fresh.

To make the most of this idea, I need to accomplish all of this by July 4 (the next time my bill is due). So, stay tuned for some much-needed website changes and probably some posts about my adventures. How difficult could this be?

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