Delinquent Blogging

Ok… so I haven’t posted since Jan 26 apparently.

Here’s a wrapup of 2008 so far:


We found a better place to rent, so we’re moving soon (within the month). This place is no cheaper, but it’s closer to work, larger, has a garage and is back in our beloved hometown. Although my DH knew it was his hometown, I apparently had to leave it to realize that it’s also now my hometown. I have lived in my hometown now for 15 years. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me. I wonder if that qualifies me to be “from” there. Step one is to call it my hometown. I had never lived anywhere else in the state other than there before this last year. Moving away was interesting. We did it to get a new perspective on things, and we did. We like our hometown. We know it, we know the people, and we were there at least 3 days a week anyway. So, now we’ll save on gas.

My food life

I started a weight loss program. It’s easy, it works, and I’ve done it before. I thought I could do it on my own, but apparently I need some structure and support. Plus, they are offering it at work, with a discount. So far I have lost 3.6 pounds. I’m excited! Many more pounds to go. I’ll post some links to resources I’ve found, when I get them organized.

Despite my participation in the program, I managed to try a new restaurant in the town where I live – Joe’s Pit BBQ in Vermilion, OH. This place is awesome. Northeast Ohio is lacking good BBQ places, and it’s nice to see a new one spring up. The prices were fair, service was fast, and the hickory smoked meat was delicious. Kudos to them! Even though we are moving away from them, we’ll drive back to Vermilion just to eat.

Organizing my online life

In my time away from blogging I decided to simplify this blog so there are distinct categories. It means I need to relabel all of my posts, but that’s OK. Better now, than later. I was tossing around the idea of started several focused blogs on the categories I’m setting up. Since I apparently have a problem keeping up with one blog, I don’t think it’s time to branch out into niches. For now, I’ll just tag my posts, and make some helpful links to the category pages. Check back for that this week.

Organizing my offline life

It’s time to purge some of my stuff again. The summer clothes I sorted, but couldn’t bring myself to take to Goodwill are going this week. It seems a bunch of my winter clothes can go, too. I need to stop kidding myself. I’m just not wearing these items. Not sure why I have 4 ft of hanger space occupied by clothes I don’t wear. These aren’t even clothes that don’t fit. I did that sorting last spring when we moved. These are items that I like and couldn’t part with. For some reason, I haven’t worn them. I know that some of them just need ironing, which I might do this week and see if I’ll wear them. The rest can just go.

On my wishlist in this category is sorting the pile of boxes that I moved 1 year ago. I know… some of you have rules that if you don’t touch it in a year, then you throw it out. I already threw out the true garbage when I packed it up. I just didn’t sort it, so it’s not very useful stuff the way it is. Also, the place we moved into was small, so there was nowhere to unpack. I’ll file this situation under: Transitional Living Quarters. I have a concrete plan for most of the items:

  • Picture frames are going to my office and getting photos put into them.
  • Decorations are being sorted and labeled by season.
  • Office and craft supplies are going into my new office/sewing area.
  • My old computer may be set up as a research station downstairs. It’s old and slow, but I think I could use it as an internet station for recipes, media, and looking up phone numbers. I need to look into this. Maybe a flat screen monitor mounted on the wall and a wireless keyboard would do the trick.
  • All other items I decide to keep will go into the garage (hooray – we will have a garage!) where they belong – sports equipment, tools, etc.

My pet life

Yesterday, we started out looking at the breed photos from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. My DH was in love with the Mastino (Neopolitan Mastiff), so he wanted to see some other specimens. We also wanted to look at the Frenchies (French Bulldogs), because they have peaked our curiousity. We currently own an English Mastiff (or are we owned by him?) and a Pug. We used to have 3 dogs, so we’re always on the prowl for another furry friend. We ended up on several rescue sites, and I ended up explaining to him that getting a rescue dog is work… etc…. etc… and that we might not qualify because they are picky… etc…. etc. Then I spent an hour explaining why. It was exhausting, but in the end, we are not going to pursue getting another dog. It was enough to get through the latest financial crisis with the ones we have. Once we’re back on our feet, have an emergency fund and have paid off 50% of our debt, maybe we’ll consider it. For now, our two buddies will do just fine. There are some nice dogs out there, though…

Well, enough for now. More later. I tend to blog in clumps, so I’m sure I’ll post again tonight.

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