How to Accept Credit Cards on Your Site

Do you have something to sell, and you’ve figure out how to get your items online, but you can’t figure out how to accept credit cards?

There are several ways to go about this. I had this problem a few months ago when I decided I wanted to sell products created using my own photography and designs. It was easy enough to make an online gallery, an order form, and use some simple programming or a database to do this. But, I was stumped about accepting credit cards. Because I was just starting out and I also sold items on eBay, I thought I would use PayPal, but they wouldn’t handle the whole transaction, I would have to set up return policies, find printers, decide on minimum quantities, etc. I didn’t want to start out like that. In the end, I didn’t use them for this project, because I found a better solution that handled the entire transaction, including the printing and shipping of my products. I do use PayPal for other things, though.

If you already have your business in place, or you have all of the other details ironed out, you just need to find an internet card processor. This kind of company will allow you to accept credit cards online and also electronic checks. A company like this has a lot of information about accepting credit cards on a website. The information on the website includes the typical cost to you to have a merchant account and includes the fees for each type of transaction. The information I read also included the time it takes to receive the payment. It includes information for brick and mortar businesses who need to swipe credit cards as well. Overall, this company offers all sorts of Visa and Mastercard payment solutions.

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