Much needed maintenance….

Well, I had to do some much needed maintenance to my blog. For some reason, the labels script wasn’t working, so I removed it for now. The archive feature wasn’t working either, but that’s fixed now.

I really wanted the list of labels to work, because it was a nice form of categorization, even if just for me. Oh well. I’ll figure it out later.

Speaking of maintenance – I got some good career advice today. It turns out I am on the right path in my web development career. I just need to focus, get some experience, and get a job. I’ll keep focusing on creating more content, learning about marketing and how to use the site stats. I wouldn’t mind a career in search engine optimization or web merchandising. Merchandising sounds like a good mix of marketing and technology. Sounds pretty creative to me.

So, I need something to market. That is a bigger hurdle, but I’ll get there soon.

For now, a shorter term goal… I need my online activities to start paying for themselves. My first goal is to cover my web hosting fees and internet access fees. I need about $50 per month (a bit of rounding there). If I could get that, it would be something. So, maybe I can get some traffic going and earn some $$. Baby steps…

Speaking of my finances, this is but a small part of how I’m going to turn my financial life around. Got to start somewhere, even if it’s small. That’s what I’ve been reading at my favorite financial blogs:

So enough babble for now.

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